Design should be fun and...

Strive to be data-driven through iterations

With my background in data analytics and programming, the data is always informing and impacting my designs.

Always have intuitive interfaces

My experience ranges from designing large design systems to directing multi-million dollar launches.

Prioritize accessiblilty and inclusivity

I always prioritize usable, inclusive, and accessible designs. I'm an advocate for ethical AI and unconscious bias in tech.

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Associate Director / 2023

Managing fully-remote and global product design teams for Google. Team members are across US, Europe, and South America.

Product Design Lead / 2021

Creation of product solutions while embedded on various Google teams. Responsible for leading user experiences for Googlers and consumers alike.

UX Designer / 2016

Designing and maintaining enterprise B2B software solutions for Fortune 500 companies.

Product Designer / 2015

Developing web products and digital soulutions for a fully-remote Publishing Company.

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