Online experiences should be fun.

Design Data-driven User Experiences

I am always using the data to understand and craft solutions. As a recent graduate from Berkeley Extension Bootcamp in Data Analytics, the data is always informing and impacting my designs.

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Create Intuitive UI and Prototypes

I have experience ranging from designing large design systems on agile teams to directing and prototyping multi-million dollar integrated advertising campaigns for Fortune 500 companies.

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Prioritize Accessible and Ethical Technology

I prioritize usable, inclusive, and accessible designs to help create a better world for everyone. I strive to promote ethical technology in Machine Learning and fight against unconscious bias in data and programming.

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My experience at
a glance.


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Designer & Developer / 2022

Contracting fully-remote for various clients in both the digital design, product and software space.

UX Lead / 2021

Building, hiring and leading a fully-remote and global design team for Google. Managing team members across US, Europe, and South America.

UX Designer / 2016-2019

Working on multiple agile teams to design and implement enterprise B2B software solutions for Fortune 500 companies.

Product Designer / 2015-2016

Developing web products and digital soulutions for a fully-remote Publishing Company.